We truly optimize our space when hosting events, maximizing occupancy at 125-150 guests. Typically hosted at night, the beauty of our interior lighting lights up the neighborhood as the glow penetrates the tall windows leaving pedestrians curious as they pass by the event center venue. Add a little music from the DJ and the space becomes an amazing acoustical feature, trapping in the sound absorption and eliminating the often overlooked reverberation. Our craft beer offerings, paired with our unique from scratch dinner features, leaves guests in awe that they left a brewery venue.

Bridal Showers 

Rehearsal Dinners



Private Parties

7 Hills Event Center is the ideal private space to spend your time for all types of private parties. Our layout is easy to customize and manipulate, allowing our private space to be your blank canvas. With just a little imagination and creativity, we will take your average private party and transform it into an immersive experience; from presidential political rallies to boutique modeling shows, we have just what you need to keep your guests engaged for hours on end.

Birthday Parties

Bachelorette Parties

Baby Showers



Full Bar

Cocktail Tables

Round Dining Tables

Folding Chairs


120” Screen

State of The Art Sound System

Wireless Mics

In House Catering

Experienced Staff

1080p Projector